High Risk Merchant Services For Your Adult Website


The Struggle of Adult Businesses

Age restrictions limit the ability for adult businesses to advertise their products using ad networks, leading them to find unconventional ways to advertise which are harder to pull off compared to any other "normal" business.

  • Their taboo content makes it hard to share on social media at scale without the risk of getting reported.
  • Getting set up with the ability to accept payments is a lot harder for adult businesses because banks consider them "high risk" due to high chargebacks.
  • This leads adult merchants to be left at the hands of third party payment processors to give them accounts to accept credit cards naming whatever price they feel like since they have no other option, and it usually is a pretty high per transaction fee off of their top line revenue.

A way to accept payments without credit cards

Given that it's so hard and expensive to accept credit card payments for a high risk business like anything in the adult industry, Curexe has came up with a new solution to help merchants accept payments without credit cards. Instead, users can pay by connecting to their bank account at checkout to complete the payment.

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Curexe can set up merchant accounts for adult businesses

Curexe can help you set up payments processing for a wide array of adult industry businesses. As long as you are a legally operating business, our adult merchant accounts typically help verticals like:

  • Online dating Platforms
  • Webcam Services
  • Sex Toys and Equipment
  • Porn Websites (Legal Content Only)

Secure debit payments are easy to secure and aren't considered high risk

Curexe is a unique solution for adult industry because we offer a way for customers to pay without using credit cards. When a customer connects to their bank account to check out this is considered a debit transactionA big reason why bigger banks don't like payment processors to offer merchant accounts to adult businesses is because of the high chargeback risk, when any business has more than 1% of their total transactions chargeback to the merchant its more expensive, a reputation risk, and an administrative headache.

Never Worry About Chargeback Risk Again

Credit cards getting charged back result in the customer getting their money back right away, as credit card info is susceptible to fraud, the user thinks they can win the case claiming they didn't sign up for the services, credit card companies first priority is to give the customer their money back etc.

It's a longer process to dispute chargebacks when the transaction is debit instead of credit, first off it takes a 30 day review before a decision is made (where you as the merchant can have time to submit proof of the transaction) and secondly taking bank information to connect at checkout is hard for hackers to steal. Showing proof that a user connected to their bank account to check out is a lot harder for the end user to prove they didn't do, leading to merchants winning a big majority of chargeback cases by providing proof they connected to their bank account to complete the transaction. 

How Do I Get An Adult Merchant Account?

  • Fill out our contact form on this page to set up a call
  • After the initial call we will follow up with the KYC Process and Merchant Application
  • Create a Smartpay account at https://www.smartpay.curexe.com/register
  • Our onboarding team will follow up with you and advise on the best integration method based on your website stack.

How long does it take to get a merchant account and fully set up?

Depending on your commitment level and integration method you can be ready to accept debit payments for your adult business same day. Our onboarding team is ready on standby around the clock to help you get started, simply fill out our contact form and we will follow up with a call in minutes or email you with next steps if you miss us reaching out.

Adult Merchant Account Fees?

Curexe is very transparent when it comes to the pricing structure for merchant accounts. There is a 30 cent fee per transaction along with a percentage of each transaction fee. There is no additional integration fees, monthly fees, hidden fees etc.

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